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Welcome to the Bee Diaries, a short form Radio4 targeted documentary and labour of love that marks the end of 3 years studying multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University.

At page one of the Bee Diaries, I set about making a natural history programme revealing groundbreaking new research on these fascinating little pollinators. Unexpected twists in the tale have resulted in a piece that endeavours to blur the line between science and conservation as I interviewed the inadvertent spokespeople for how closely linked the two are.

If you’re interested in bees, you may enjoy this heartwarming insight where we meet those at the forefront of bee research and conservation. And if pollinators aren’t your thing?¬†Go on, give bees a chance.

A huge thank you to all the contributors who made this project possible.

Produced, written, edited and presented by Kassia Wordley