Infographic: Bees, simplified

Bees are one of the most studied creatures in the world, yet so little is understood about their ecology and behaviour. On my mission to gain and share a better understanding of bees, one hurdle presented itself early on in the journey. There are literally thousands of types of bee across the globe (20 thousand to be more specific). The species focused on in the documentary have been selectively restricted to the two names we all know and love: The honeybee and the bumblebee. There is brief mention of the solitary bee nonetheless – as they are known to be the most effective pollinators.

The Bee Diaries is proving to be a lesson in taxonomy and I’m gradually finding myself able to distinguish my apis mellifera from my bombus terrestris. From my readings and interviews, here’s what I’ve learnt about the three bee families – presented in the more digestible form of an infographic.

bee species infographic

bee species infographic

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