Listen: Professor Dave Goulson on Bee Talk

As facts about the weird and wonderful ways of the bee unveil themselves throughout the process of producing this project, I find myself ever more intrigued with the incredible ways in which bees go about their business.

From colony structure to flower preference, the three main types of bee (bumblebee, solitary bee and honey bee) vary hugely. But the discovery that most intrigued me was the revelation that these types of bee use completely different means of communication.

Whilst I had heard – as you might – of the famous ‘waggle dance’ that honeybees use to tell other members of a colony where find valuable food sources, I wanted to hear about it first hand from one of the world’s leading bee researchers and primary contributor to The Bee Diaries, Dave Goulson. Upon posing the question of bee communication – Dave’s response left me marvelling at these incredible little creatures.

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